LAHORE - A five-day theatre extravaganza has created huge buzz in the Indian city of Chandigarh and the audience revived their memories about Lahore yesterday.

Tagore Hall of Chandigarh, which has a capacity of 900 seats, became full before the start of play and the team Ajoka got standing ovations from the jam packed public.

Shahid Nadeem, who is heading the team Ajoka in India, said that despite the prevailing tensions between the two countries this festival has broken the silence. “Bhagat Kabir and Dara Shikwoh’s message of peace and love is winning the hearts and this theatre collaboration has diffused the tension to some extent,” he added.

Nadeem further hoped that the peace process through theatre will remain continue in future as well.

People are admiring the theme and messages of the plays, and the artistic perfection of Pakistanis has also won the hearts of theatre lovers and veterans in India. It seems that space which created due to absence of Panjpani theatre festival has effectively filled by Hamsaya Theatre Festival.

The dignitaries like Chandigarh Mayor Sood, Chandigarh SSP Sukhchain Singh and Chandigarh Arts Council Chair Bibi Harjinder Kaur came especially to witness the plays and admired the Ajoka’s performance. The Indian press is also praising the festival by excellent coverage and has given very catchy headlines to the plays of festival.

This annual festival is happening in Tagore Hall of Chandigarh with collaboration by Chandigarh Arts Council, Punjab Sangeet Natak Academy and groups as Manch Rang Manch and Adakar Manch and team Ajoka took five plays to India for it.

The plays include: “Dara”, “Kaun hai yeh Gustakh”, “Lo phir basant aaie”, “Kabira khara bazaar main”, and “Anhi Mai da sufna”. All plays carry exciting themes and soulful poetry and music which really have spellbound the audience.