LOS ANGELES-Erin Heatherton is facing a lawsuit from her neighbours due to her alleged party lifestyle. The residents' board of the West Village, Manhattan apartment building where the Victoria's Secret model resides have filed a civil suit against Erin after previously sending seven written warnings about noise disturbances, according to editors at the New York Post's Page Six column. In the suit filed by the board, it's alleged Erin has been keeping her neighbours awake at night with wild parties.The residents claim the model - who dated Leonardo Dicaprio in 2012 - has broken the building's rules barring the playing of loud music between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. In their suit, the board state the 27-year-old star, “regularly causes and allows unreasonable levels of noise and bass vibrations to emanate from the unit into the condo’s common areas and adjacent units late at night and into the early-morning hours, disturbing the condo’s residents."

Erin has allegedly ignored warnings by the board about noise levels since moving to the $1.8 million (£1.37 million) condo in 2012.

In their suit, the board also accuse the American beauty of owing $16,000 ( £12,165) in unpaid charges for the upkeep of the building's communal areas.

After speaking to the model on the phone, Page Six report she has denied the allegations.