LAHORE - Like other parts of the globe, the World Hepatitis Day was observed by medical organisations and hospitals in Pakistan with an aim to raise global awareness about the deadly disease.

In conjunction with its global alliance, the Shalamar Hospital celebrated the day with full zeal. A special medical camp was arranged in OPD-1 in which patients were facilitated by free checkup, free tests like Hepatitis Screening. Additionally special discounts were offered on LFTs, HBS Ag-Elisa, HCV-Elisa, (30% off) if advised by doctor. Moreover free consultation and health awareness literature were also provided to the general public.

Assistant Professors Dr Haroon Yousaf, Dr Moeed, and Dr Iftikhar delivered lecture on Hepatitis, its causes, and treatment and control options.

They said that reuse of disposable syringes, transfusion of unscreened blood, use of infected equipment in medical facilities, sharing razor blades and contaminated water usages are the leading cause of the diseases.