In a country like Pakistan synonymous with soaring crime (all types of crimes, be it crime against person, property, morality, white-collar or organised), impunity, police corruption and ruthlessly slow justice system, the reports of judicial efficiency are rare.

The personnel of the system such as judicial officers/magistrates, prosecutors, police officers, attorneys, court personnel, lawyers, among others, are of the opinion that justice system is replete with umpteen flaws but even then nothing is being done to have a responsive and innovate justice system in the country.

Our justice system is tedious, tortuous and painful and many citizens are unjustly imprisoned, violently tortured, allegedly accused. Our system has failed to arrest the callous kidnappers of Awais Ali Shah, the son of Sindh High Court (SHC) Chief Justice and the brutal killers of an iconic figure Amjad Fareed Sabri, who was mercilessly gunned down in a broad daylight in a thriving city of Karachi.

The questions are: What prevents our rulers from radically changing our administration of the justice system? The system criminalises rather than rehabilitates offenders and risks exacerbating rising crime.

Are our rulers lenient with criminals? Is there anyone to remind our rulers and sensitise our lawmakers, that in terms of quality of the rule of law and dispensation of criminal justice system according to The World Justice Project, we are below many countries of the world?


Islamabad, June 27.