MIRPUR (AJK)-People continued celebrating the landslide victory of the PML-N in the AJK election, describing it as the manifestation of public confidence in the vision and people-friendly policies of the party under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

During a survey conducted by this reporter on Monday, residents of different areas expressed their hope that the AJK would emerge a true model welfare state under the government of the PML-N. They said that the public has pinned their hope on the party that it government in the AJK would implement broad-based public welfare projects harmonious to the need of the modern age, pattern on the country’s largest Punjab province and other parts.

They described the party victory as unprecedented triumph of the democratic forces, especially the common man in the street.

The official results of the AJK general elections spoke of the categorical success of the PML-N which secured 32 seats, Muslim Conference and PPP secured three seats each while the PTI got two seats and a single seat is won by an independent candidate. The elections were on 41 directly contested seats of the 49-member AJK Legislative Assembly.

Rest of eight seats including five reserved for women, and one each meant for Ulema/mashaikh, technocrats and overseas Kashmiris will be filled in by the Electoral College, comprising the newly-elected 41 members of the house.

Commenting on the exceptional success in the elections, Mir Muhammad Sideeque Khawaja, a social worker and an independent political analyst, observed that the landslide victory was expected - because of the five-year poorest performance of the PPP in the AJK.

Talking to this Correspondent here on Monday Sideeque Khan, Chairman of Kashmir Watch International, a global social and human rights Kashmiri outfit, termed the PML-N victory in AJK similar to that of its success in the 2013-general elections in the country.

“Good governance had become a dream in AJK during the five-year rule of the PPP in the State,” he pointed out, adding that all these factors contributed to the victory of the PML-N.

Former AJK minister Mrs Naheed Tariq observed that it has emerged that a common man has individually contested the election against the outgoing PPP regime in AJK - which left extreme poverty, unemployment among educated and skilled youth besides bad governance as the remnant of its five-year rule.

The lady politician continued that it is, in fact, the expression of confidence in the broad-based policy of the PML-N under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“The PPP met the fate by facing convincing defeat in the AJK elections because of its alleged ill-deeds and wrongdoings during its entire five year rule”, Naheed Tariq commented underlining that vested financial interests, nepotism, illicit recommendations, adhocism and massive abuse of merit, massive corruption, malpractices and irregularities in the state-run institutions in AJK led to its (PPP) very much expected defeat in the polls.