ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to attend parliamentary proceedings after a long time, as he may issue a policy statement in the upcoming joint session of the parliament.

Sharif, after successful open heart surgery, will participate in the joint session of the parliament, which is likely to be summoned on August 2.

PML-N’s bigwigs, on the special instructions of PM, have asked almost all the members to ensure their presence both in the upcoming National Assembly and joint session of parliament.

Sources said that the government will adopt cautious approach in the upcoming sessions to avoid embarrassment, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to participate in the proceedings.

The sources said the federal government has decided to summon National Assembly session on August 1 seven days before of its previous notification to call it on August 8. The purpose of withdrawing NA session on August 8 is to ensure presence of ruling party members to pass ‘The anti-honor killing laws (amendment) bill’ and ‘Anti-rape laws (criminal laws amendment) bill’ in the joint session of parliament, scheduled for August 2.

The sources said that the joint session of parliament will continue for two to three days, till the completion of legislation on both the controversial bills. The joint session is expected to be summoned this week.

Some members from opposition parties said that they would give tough time to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in several matters. Main opposition parties (PPP & PTI) will raise the issues about the legitimacy of approving the federal budget 2016-17 via Skype in the cabinet meeting, reportedly concealing facts in declaration of assets and passing the budget without announcing the NFC Award.

PPP and PTI have also recently submitted references against the Prime Minister seeking disqualification of five PML-N leaders including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The sources in Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs said the government side will be much attentive to block ‘Panama Papers bill, 2016 (Inquiry and Trial)that framed to facilitate the investigation of Panama leaks.

Action ordered after two deaths

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday approved Water and Power

Ministry’s report regarding two deaths caused due to electric shock and ordered a strict action against the responsible persons.

The investigative team had recommended filing case against Feeder In-charge Tariq Baig and Assistant Manager Operations Sameen Gohar.

The Prime Minister approved the report and directed to take strict action against the negligent officers through legal proceedings, said an official statement. It said: “On the directions of the Prime Minister, an inquiry was conducted to identify those responsible for the gross negligence, which had caused the death of two innocent persons. Muhammad Azeem and Ms Kanwal had died because of spark and falling down of LT Line on July 22 in the area of Kot Lakhpat Division on Anum Road, Lahore. A third person was injured when meters installed on the pole had caught fire.”

It added: “The inquiry report submitted to the Prime Minister has identified officials whose carelessness caused the heavy losses of precious human lives. Disciplinary action along with registration of FIRs against Feeder In-charge Mirza Tariq Baig and Assistant Manager (Operations) Samin Gohar is recommended by the inquiry report.”

According to the Ministry’s report, officials from Kot Lakhpat Division had been held responsible for the two deaths in a tragic incident.

Both the officials were fired from their jobs while recommendations were forwarded to Deputy Manager Operations Aqil Zafar Sulehri to file a case against them.

On July 22, two main electric lines had broken and fallen into water ponds during rain near the area of Youhanabad, Lahore.

Muhammad Azeem and Kanwal had become targets due to the alleged negligence by the relevant officers.