LAHORE - The premature transfers of officers in Punjab have resulted in inefficiency, leaving public in the lurch.

The adverse impact of these transfers does not appear to be of much concern to the provincial government as the majority of these activities are done on political interference.

At present, it seems, not a single administrative secretary or chief secretary completed his tenure at office.

On the one hand, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is issuing stern instructions not to extend deputation of officers working in different departments, while, on the other hand, the officers are forced to leave the office even before they complete their legitimate tenures.

Not to talk about others but the top administrative head in Punjab, the Chief Secretary, during 2015, Babur Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad, a grade 22 officer was to take over as new Punjab CS but within 24 hours another officer Khizar Hayat Gondal, another grade 22 officer replaced him.

Former Secretary Services (S&GAD) Mohayyddin Ahmad Wani was posted as OSD just after one day he resumed as establishment secretary in Punjab.

The present CS Zahid Saeed, a grade 22 officer, was posted as SMBR but just after months he was transferred and elevated as CS. Khizar Hayat Gondal was posted as CS in January 2015 and was replaced by Saeed in April 2016. He could not complete two years in office.

Many other administrative secretaries including Secretaries to Local government, Higher education, Finance, I&C, Industries, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Sports, Auqaf and many others.

As per the Rules of Business 2011 Sixth Schedule, there are certain seats called tenure posts. The tenure of the Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary is 4 years while that of administrative secretaries, special secretaries, additional secretaries, Commissioners, District Coordination Officers, Executive District Officers and the Heads of Regional Offices and Heads of Attached Departments is three years. For years Chief Secretaries or additional chief secretaries could not complete their tenures let alone other officers.

Privilege motions were moved by many Rana Afzal Khan PMLN MNA from Faisalabad against DCO Faisalabad, Amjad Ali Javed PMLN MPA from Toba Tek Singh against the DCO and many more.

Officers say that when they refused to accommodate illegal demands of the ruling party politicians they moved motions against them. A DCO requesting anonymity told this paper that there was enormous political pressure on the officers in the field.

On the one hand, the CM himself relaxed deputation policy and extended period of the Project Director Bagh e Jinnah for seven years on the other hand it ordered the departments not to extend in the deputation period.

Completion of tenure is accepted internationally and regarded as best tool to deliver efficiently.

An ACS who served in Punjab said there should be a system of appointing officers after a systematic way, to be finally selected by the political leadership and then allow them complete their tenures come what may. Similarly, there should be an objective system to remove an officer from his office for better service delivery. Without ensuring fixed tenures, no government could go for effective accountability of officers.

The officers should also have strength to say no to the illegal demands of politicians and premature transfers should be made only for officers who fail to deliver.

The Punjab government focal person Zaeem Qadri could not be reach to comment.