KAMALIA-The Auqaf Department collects hundreds of thousands of rupees as rent from the shops belonging to Eidgah Khaira Shaheed but does not spend even a single penny on the maintenance of the building, people regretted.

Hafiz Faqeer Muhammad has been serving as Imam for last 20 years at Eidgah which is the largest place for the Eid and funeral prayers. However, he is not paid for decades. Some persons collect and pay Rs1,000 to him each month. Social circles have asked the authorities of Auqaf and Religious Affairs Department to take a sympathetic look at the matter and set monthly stipend for the Imam.

People face protracted outages

Kamalia tehsil has been facing unscheduled loadshedding since it was connected to Fesco. Earlier, it was connected to Mepco and was faced with prolonged outages.

Citizens are facing severe problem due to the prolonged power outages. Businesses face closure while children and the elderly people at homes are forced to brave the extreme summer weather without fans or water.

Talking to this correspondent, people were of the view that loadshedding is severe with up to 12 hours cuts each day when Kamalia was connected to Mepco but since it has been connected to Fesco, loadshedding has been increased to more than 18 hours a day.

The citizens complained that when electricity is available, they face low voltage and appliances do not work properly.

Social circles have complained that recently Kamalia Tehsil was declared top in Faisalabad Division in recovery and Wapda employees were awarded one-month salary as a bonus but citizens have been awarded unscheduled loadshedding in these hot summer days.