The announcement is here. Nawaz Sharif has been termed a liar by the Supreme Court. As usual, the noise that follows is misguided. Those happy on the news are riding the waves of Panama even though the judgement insists more on the lying than the corruption. Those against, they seem to be a funny lot. This attitude was earlier thought by the author to only exist in the circles of those who worship the Kaptaan. Turns out, this is a common trait of the society. So long as the judgement is not in favour, even the institutions are biased. The supporters of the PM, insist that this is not a fair judgement. How they insist on enforcing and believing on their definition of right, befuddles anyone who interacts with them. For them, the decision is wrong and NS shall forever remain their PM.

It is too early to comment much on the decision. Who becomes the next PM is anyone’s guess. How PML-N reacts, responds and builds up institutionally would be a tale for time to tell. For those indulging in optimism, NAB is expected to be stringent, strict and thorough in truly labelling the Prime Minister and those accused and disqualified as corrupt. For the pessimists (nay, realists) not much will come out of a system and society normalised into corruption.

Chaudhry Nisar in his press conference absolved himself of all sins. Walking with the sinful all the time, at the very last turn he stepped aside and complained about the sins. His speech touched hearts as he threw countless hints while falling short at explaining the important things. He spoke of a conspiracy hatched against the nation, a conspiracy so secretive that only 4 people know of. And yet, he did not explain. He hinted about the Dawnleaks and yet, fell short in telling the truth of the matter. He spoke of his reservations against the loose language seen on media every day, making many wonder why he didn’t complain about this earlier. As of now, he is expected to be neither the Interior Minister nor an MNA anymore. His leave does not change anything. If history is kind to him, Nisar might become a footnote in the tale of Pakistan. With his record of running the Interior Ministry, it would wise to not mention him at all.

The Supreme Court must stay as strong, objective and brutal as it is now with everyone in the power corridors of the country. For one, the same qualification of Article 62 and 63 must be strictly applied to all the party heads, party leaders and serving assembly members. Moreover, and indeed much more importantly, the esteemed Court is expected to treat other individuals with the same knife. First and foremost, the Court needs to put its foot down on Musharraf, who has made a mockery of state institutions. The man has since avoided the courts, bullied investigative teams and fooled the populace. It is important that the Supreme Court is as forceful with the likes. Only then would future generations truly respect the rule of law.

As for those terming those who insist this an attack on democracy; it is not. An objective and powerful judiciary, if anything, is essential for a democratic state. The Supreme Court has acted in its power and authority. Nothing more, and thankfully so, nothing less. However, the work is far from over. The ruling has set an important precedent, one that ensures that everyone holding a public office needs to be honest with their financial dealings. However, it does not emphasise much on the money trail, something many of our politicians are habitual in hiding. The matter in question has been referred now to the accountability court and NAB. However, beyond the issue of the money trail, it is important that the court insures the implementation of its rulings and orders. It is hoped that the state and political authorities allow the court to fully implement a ruling much celebrated by a significantly large population of the country.

A quick final note on those blaming the uniform. For once, the same are not to be blamed for where Pakistan stands. The case was long and relentless and the judgement passed shows little or no influence, political or otherwise. It is a request for the uniforms to let this process continue, to allow and respect the democratic principles and authority and ensure that Pakistan becomes the democracy it was always supposed to be.