Makran division has been suffering from a severe electricity crisis for the last 24 days. The Iran has stopped supplying electricity to this region due to a technical fault in Iran's electricity whose electricity power remained weak too. The electricity only be available for almost 5 hours at nights which is a very short period yet.  

Unavailability of electricity has created multiple problems for the people of Makran who are suffering from a water shortage, students are unable to read, factories are stopped, ice is unavailable, if sometimes available then a KG costs 40 to 50 rupees. In fact, everyone cannot afford generators to run their business or to have electricity. 

So I ask the government of Balochistan that how many more times should we still be dependent on Iran for electricity? If today under the CPEC project, still Makran division (including Gwadar) undergoes from electricity crisis then how can we expect more changes in Balochistan. Gwadar is under the development process then the government should arrange projects for producing our own electricity through Gwadar's sea that would be the final solution of covering electricity crisis in Balochistan. The government is requested to have arrange projects to produce our own electricity as soon as possible.  

Shakeel Phulla, 

Turbat, July 21.