LOS ANGELES-Meghan Trainor is a ‘fearless’ songwriter. The star recently collaborated with singer/songwriter Jason Mraz on new track ‘More Than Friends’ and Jason was impressed by her willingness to take risks in the studio.

He told Billboard: ‘’She really is a great writer-producer. She’s fearless in the room and just starts singing and creating and trying things. She really helped me with the melody. I tend to be a little relaxed, almost monotone, and she made sure that I was keeping it interesting.’’

Meghan admitted she was nervous to work with Jason as she is a huge fan of his work but he made her comfortable immediately.

She said: ‘’When you’re with him, you can tell he’s not walking around with a big ego like, ‘I’m Jason Mraz!’ He’s just a regular, really nice person. Even on the music video set, I would dance a little bit, and he was like, ‘I’m not cool enough for this,’ and I was like, ‘You’re really cool! Just remind yourself how cool you are!’ We both felt a little lame and goofy, but it’s really nice and humbling to see such a legend just show up with his wife and a guitar and be like, ‘Yep, we get to do another video, this is the best life’.

‘’I freak out when I’m going in [the studio] with artists - I usually prepare an entire song. I’ll just walk in with it and pretend like, ‘Oh, what do you think?’ For some reason with him, I didn’t prepare anything. I just knew we would crush it at writing an adorable pop song with a guitar.

‘’Everyone has told me I’m fast - I’m almost too fast. They wish I would take more time on a song. When I feel it and know it’s done, I’m like, ‘Why stress about this anymore? It’s a great song.’ He’s so calm. Any idea I mentioned, he was like, ‘That’s great.’ He was telling me how some songs would take years, and then we wrote ours in a few short hours. He was so chill, I almost was like, ‘Does he even like this?’’’