HYDERABAD - Sindh University Teachers Association (SUTA) Secretary Dr Azhar Ali Shah has urged the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to turn Governor’s House into a campus of the Sindh University. In a statement issued here on Saturday, Shah on behalf of the Sindh University's faculty congratulated PTI Chairman Imran Khan on his party's landmark victory in the general elections.

"Like all other segments of the society, Sindh University's faculty appreciates the victory speech announcement of Imran Khan regarding conversion of all governor houses into educational institutes," he said.

It was pertinent to mention that the University of Sindh was dislocated from Karachi to Hyderabad after Karachi was designated as capital of the country.

"Now as Karachi is no more the federal capital, we request Imran Khan that like University of Punjab and Baluchistan, the University of Sindh be allowed to restore its campus at the provincial capital at the site of the Governor House," he urged.

Shah said the move would certainly help the University of Sindh to restore its glory and achieve international academic excellence.

"The SUTA hopes that this request is positively responded and implemented in true letter and spirit," he said.