KHANEWAL-Recounting of vote carried out in NA-151, PP-203 and PP-210 made no change in the already declared results. Losing PTI candidate for NA-151 Khanewal, Ahmad Yar Hiraj who had secured 109,520 votes against PML-N’s Muhammad Khan Daha who won the seat with 111,198 votes, had sought for recounting of rejected votes numbered 3,670. However, recounting process made no difference in the already declared result.

In PP-203 independent candidate Dr Khawar Ali Shah secured victory by gaining 36,982 votes against PTI candidate Akbar Hayat Hiraj who got 34,751. The result, however, remained the same after recounting of votes. In PP-210, losing PTI candidate Ch Khalid Javed who had obtained 45,229 votes against winning PML-N candidate Haji Attaur Rehman who had got 48,797 votes, had filed application for recounting.

Dasti’s party loses lone seat in recounting



Awam Raaj Party of Jamshed Dasti lost its lone seat on Saturday when losing Independent candidate Abdul Hayai was declared winner from Punjab Assembly constituency PP-270 after vote recount.

According to media reports, in the previous results, Awam Raaj party candidate Ajmal Chandia had emerged victorious in PP-270. Abdul Hayai filed an application for recount and won the seat.

In the new result, he has beaten his rival by only 17 votes. The Returning Officer issued notification of his victory from the constituency. Ajmal Chandia has announced to take legal action, alleging that vote recount took place in the absence of his representative.