Doctor bride is a common phrase used in some Pakistani societies. Pakistan is currently reserving 70% female medical Seats. Out of these, only 50% are practitioners. Where do the other 20% turn towards?

The medical quota is considered a hot ticket for women to get the best marriage proposals. This is because most mothers-in-law love to have doctor brides for their sons. Research approves that non-practicing female doctors are causing a fall in physicians rate because most of the seats are obtained by women who don’t practice after graduations. The Government, viewing the situations, passed an order to preserve 50% of seats for women but seeing the credibility and merit, it was increased again.

In contrast, non-practicing women doctors claim to have various reasons for not practicing after graduation. Those include marriages, household responsibilities and most importantly, lack of interest. The Government is requested to look into the matter seriously to ban the rumors like doctor brides.