LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that opposition is free to stage protests and rallies and no hurdle will be created in its protest drive.

He said that no-confidence move against the Senate chairman was opposition’s right and the government was not involved in any horse trading to save the chairman. He however said all votes will turn in favour of Sadiq Sanjarani and these votes will be casted consciously by the senators.

He was speaking at “Paralysis, fatal disease and its treatment” seminar on Sunday. Late, he talked to the media.

The governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made this clear that the government will allow opposition to hold public rallies and gatherings and will not create any hurdle in their protests.

The governor said all state institutions and political parties were on the same page against terrorism. “The terrorist attack at the Pak-Afghan border is an attack on peace. We will not let terrorists destabilise Pakistan. We are standing in support with our armed forces,” he said.  Also, the governor said the health card initiative by the federal and Punjab governments was a plausible gift for the public to provide them with basic health facilities. “Under the leadership of Imran Khan, the government is striving to find sustainable solutions for prevailing crises,” he added.

The governor explained that a fatal health threat of hepatitis spreads from contaminated water and the AAB E PAK authority is an initiative to provide clean drinking water across Punjab in a span of five years.

Sarwar said that armed forces had rendered unprecedented sacrifices for peace in the troubled areas. “But whenever we move towards sustainable peace in the region, conspiracies against peace through terrorist attacks are hatched. But we will not let terrorists succeed this time. The entire nation salutes the martyrs of the armed forces who laid their lives in the fight against terrorism. Our nation is united in the fight against terrorism,” he observed.

Addressing the seminar, the governor said the PTI government was striving to provide all basic essentials of life to the common man. He said paralysis was a fatal health threat and the government will contribute its maximum effort to curb it. He said that unavailability of clean drinking water was the main cause of rapid spread of many diseases. “A nation with healthy people would have a prosperous economy, its literacy rate would be high and industries will also flourish there. A healthy society gives birth to healthy kids and a nation with empty hospitals will have a population with healthy and prosperous people,” he remarked.