Balochistan is the poorest province of Pakistan where 30% to 40% of people are disabled and not contributing anything to their families to fulfill the basic necessities. Instead, they are totally dependent on their relatives. Due to this, the dependency rate is increasing very quickly. If this is not controlled by the government of Balochistan, then it will be harmful to both the government and the families.

However, the government of Balochistan has failed to bring reforms for them in the provisions of justices, assistance, etc in order to reduce the burden of their dependency. The CM of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar recently announced that all the handicap or disabled people will be provided with a minimum amount of money as a relief. There are many countries where the responsibilities of the disabled people have been taken by the government. But in Balochistan 75 to 85 years old people still engage in work to earn their livelihoods.

So in this regard, the ministry of health and government of Balochistan are humbly requested to release a suitable package for disable people according to their capacity. Because they really deserve support and assistance.