ISLAMABAD : The 2-day shows of ‘Main Ne Kuch Nahi Kiya’, a mystery play jointly arranged by ‘Theatre Wallay’ and Rung School concluded on Sunday after staging two successful shows in twin cities.

The play was developed by 9 students of the acting classes that were a combined project of Rung School and Theatre Wallay. It was a three month long course, started in Feb and ended in   May during which nine acting students were mentored by Safeer Ullah Khan who was also the Director of Theatre Wallay.

It was a light murder mystery play that kept the audiences on their toes and made them keep guessing till the very end of the show. The writers tried to create a blend of different elements of society including love, disloyalty, insensitivity of media and momentarily pleasures. Show received adequate amount of attention from twin cities by those who love art especially theatre. Young aspirants also displayed refined acting skills exhibiting the talent that was transformed into good acting by Theatre Wallay.

Theatre Wallay was a non-commercial group of artists with a passion for theatre and literature. Active in Islamabad since 2005, Theatre Wallay have put up many performances of plays hailing from world literature. The group was also involved in ‘Theatre for Social Change’ projects and works to promote the use of creative expression as a tool for empowerment and critical dialogue.

“To this end, we conduct regular workshops, readings, trainings and other activities in partnership with local and international organizations. We also conduct theatre education programs and workshops with students of all ages. Since November 2016, our team has been running a not-for-profit cultural space and community centre,” said the organisers.