LOS ANGELES   -    Shanina Shaik keeps a ‘’vision board’’ to help her track her life goals.

The Victoria’s Secret beauty says she has been keeping a vision board for the past five years, which lists all the things she ‘’wants to achieve’’, so she can visually see her goals and ‘’tick off things’’ as she reaches them.

She said: ‘’There are so many things I want to achieve, so having them all in one place and keeping myself accountable is really important to me. It’s such an amazing feeling to tick off things on my vision board.’’

And right now, Shanina’s vision board includes setting up her own business in the health and wellness industry, as well as furthering her acting career.

She added to Daily Mail Australia: ‘’I am really passionate about health and wellness, so would love to have my own business in that area in the future. I have been loving acting, so am looking to continue working in film.

‘’I’ve also gotten the chance to do a few collaborations [with brands] which has been amazing, as I love the creative process. So hoping to do more of those.’’

The 28-year-old beauty split from her husband DJ Ruckus - whose real name is Greg Andrews - in June after just 13 months of marriage, and following her divorce filing earlier this month, she may have added finding love again to her vision board.