KARACHI     -     Pakistani-American actor Shaz Khan has quickly made a name for himself in the intensely competitive film industry. From his debut film Moor to his last blockbuster film ParwaazHaiJunoon, the actor Shaz Khan is on a roll.

Silver screen heartthrob actor and filmmaker, Shaz started his career in New York acting in independent movies and plays. His ethnically ambiguous look has had him cast in a wide range of ethnicities and roles where he has showcased an emotional capacity well beyond his years which ultimately gave him recognition.

The ParwaazHaiJunoon star is currently working on another mega project of two Pakistani-American brothers who are MMA fighters; “The Martial Artist” a journey of visceral experiences and raw emotions.

The stellar cast, with Shaz Khan playing the lead character and Faran Tahir cast as a Sufi warrior, is joined by a team of seasoned professionals from around the globe in which is one of the biggest international movie ventures spearheaded by Pakistanis. The film will be shot in US, Bahrain, and Pakistan.

“The Martial Artist” is co-produced by Hollywood actor Faran Tahir, Faisal Rehman of KHK Holdings, while Shaz’s long-time creative collaborators Joseph Faulk, and Brian Aspinwall are also part of the project along with a yet-to-be-named prominent producer from Netflix.

 Speaking about the project that the actor, Shaz Khan has referred to as his baby; “I have always envisioned making movies that tell universal stories for a global audience with Pakistanis as main characters or in the role of the protagonist”.

 Not cutting any corners, the actor has been training as an actual fighter and sparring in JuiJitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling and boxing. “Some days I train twice a day, 2 hours each which will increase in these coming months to about 6-8 hours a day. I am blessed to be trained by Master Jacob Cho at Cho’s Academy, Professional Grant Collins and his team at Optimus JuiJitsu and Master Cordeiro at the legendary fighting gym Kings MMA.   Kings MMA has produced two UFC champions over the past 5 years. I am about to get into some really intense training but so far the learning experience has been tremendous; to see the sacrifices these fighters make for their profession. These are the toughest people on the planet and our goal is to tell not only the most authentic MMA story but a human story that will resonate universally,” says Khan when talking about the challenges he has been facing while preparing for the role.

For Farhan Tahir who is already considered a Hollywood staple, ‘The Martial Artist’ is more than just an immigrant’s tale.

“It is an authentic lens into the world of mixed martial arts. But it is also a human story that will have universal resonance.”