LAHORE              -         PPP CEC Member Aurangzeb S Burki on Tuesday said that Pakistan today was entrenched in political and economic issues and needed genuine leadership to steer the country out of the present quagmire of problems.

Counting the government’s failures to address various issues facing the country, the PPP leader said that it had failed to revive the country’s economy and to overcome the wheat and sugar crises. Burki pointed out that a selected and an incompetent foreign setup had placed the country’s economic dignity and national prosperity in danger.

He also mentioned scams like BRT, billion tree campaign and Malam Jabba which surfaced during its first tenure in KPK.  Aurangzeb Burki said that Asif Ali Zardari was the only statesman in the country who was capable of putting together different political and ideological stand-points.  He added that the country needs genuine and capable leadership to put the country on the right track. 

Aurangzeb Burki said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had been advocating the people’s rights at every forum.

Stating that the PTI government’s first two years had only given economic misery to the people, the PPP leader predicted that the ongoing year will be the last year for this government.  

The PPP leader said that the dual nationals running the government, which reminds him of the East India Company. He also said that the government had some major transparency issues but NAB was targeting only the opposition parties. He said NAB-Niazi nexus was now quite obvious and the SC verdict in particular had clearly highlighted NAB’s reality.