PESHAWAR         -      Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Forests Ishtiaq Urmar on Tuesday Minister for Forests Ishtiaq Urmar on Tuesday directed the PESCO officials that no negligence would be tolerated regarding power issues of the people of the PK-69. He said the issues should be resolved in expeditious manner and all resources should be utilized to provide relief to the people. 

The minister was presiding over a special meeting on power load-shedding and other issues being faced by the people in PK-69. The meeting was also attended by PESCO officials and a public delegation from PK-69. On the occasion, Ishtiaq Urmar said the government was against Kunda culture and if there were any complaints about Kunda, timely action would be taken against it.

He said action would also be taken against the illegal electricity users with the help of police. 

Commenting on the provincial government’s efforts to overcome load-shedding, he said the PTI government was constructing small dams to meet the energy needs of the province. He said load-shedding had almost ended in many areas while many small dams were in the final stages of completion. This will help in overcoming the issue of power load-shedding in other areas as well, he said.