At a time when every seasonal change brings the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Pakistan to an extremely hazardous rate of 500 or above, the need to alleviate pressure off of the atmosphere has become apparent. Accordingly, PM Imran Khan announced the celebration of the ‘Tiger Force Day’, a tree plantation drive, which hopes to set the record for the number of trees planted in a single day—a much needed initiative for a greener country.

On August 9, every citizen is being encouraged to participate in the drive and plant trees to create a balance between modern development and preservation of the environment. There is no denying that years of infrastructural expansion has robbed our country of its lavish and lush greenery. Given the rate at which the population continues to grow, we have been busily creating settlements at the expense of the environment; contributing to the irreversible damage done to the climate globally. Being in the list of the 10 countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, we have to be proactive in utilising any opportunity that helps bridge the gap. As such, it was about time that Pakistan, with this drive, wholeheartedly jumped at the opportunity to make a positive change within the country.

Already having 1,000,000 registered volunteers for the Tiger Force Day, the future of the campaign looks promising. If there is one vision that the entire population can stand behind, it is that of a cleaner Pakistan. As such, there is no doubt that when mobile registrations open up, more will rally behind the eagerly-awaited drive. No more can the country compromise on the quality of life of its people by breathing in toxic air which incurs long-term medical complications. Taking active steps towards achieving the objective of planting 10 billion trees by 2023 to create a cleaner Pakistan is a move that should be celebrated.