LAHORE - The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) resorted to 12 to 14 hours unannounced loadshedding throughout the country on Saturday following the electricity shortfall touched the record shortage of 5000 mw. The smooth electricity supply has become a dream for electricity consumers in Pakistan, especially the rural areas, who only live to pay heavy bills with number of taxes to the electric supply distribution companies (DISCOs). Talking to TheNation, sources said that the DISCOs were no more in command of providing the electricity after the record shortfall hit the country and the National Transmission Control Centre (NTC) after taking command started 14 intervals of an hour within 24 hours despite the claims that 6 hour power supplies cut-off would be observed on feeders at a time on the system. The rural areas were hit hard by facing longer intervals of power cut-off up to three hours at a stretch, bearing the brunt for the utility's inefficiency, which has shifted the blame on the curtailment in water releases from dams and 4 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) had stopped adding electricity to the PEPCO system. DISCOs do not command the confidence of their subscribers due to their poor quality of service. Consumers are often facing unannounced loadshedding for long intervals in many parts of the country. In the rural areas particularly, consumers have to wait for days, sometimes weeks, for restoration of electricity, especially if any damage or breakage in the lines, transformers occurs interrupting the transmission and distribution system of the DISCOs, the sources said. Meanwhile, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has initiated different sort  of loadshedding by rotating the daily schedule of the alternative areas. The LESCO sources confirmed that that the company started revising the loadshedding schedule on daily basis. They said that the company had been putting loadshedding pressure on typical feeders and provide some relief by next day. Col. Shiraz, a resident of Gulberg said that he was most upset with the LESCO which failed in providing electricity to his locality, especially at night. 'It is hard to believe the LESCO's claim of having enough power to meet with the power demand and it is not carrying out loadshedding on a rotational basis', he said ,adding, 'This has been going on for the past several days. We lodge complaints with the LESCO sub-division but they seem to care little about us', he said ,adding, that for the past one week his locality had a power breakdown for more than two hours every day. Shakeel Butt, a resident of Icchra said that LESCO suspended electricity every day of his locality for two hours with different odd intervals. He said the time of electricity shutdowns was rotating. He said he asked one of the officials of his sub-division about the issue and came to know that LESCO was switching off its grid stations in rotation for half an hour to two hours on daily basis. 'Since the start of summer we are spending every night miserably due to late hour power suspension', said Mrs. Mujahid, a resident of Johar Town. She said now it has become a routine in their locality. She said on Monday the electricity supply of her locality was suspended at about 3 am and was restored at about 4 am. She said later the supply again went off at about 10 am and was restored at about 10.30 am and again at 4 pm and was restored at about 5.30 pm. She said that the higher authorities should take immediate action over this serious problem by saving the consumers of this inconvenience as soon as possible. 'We are paying heavy electricity bills for the poorest service in this world', said Talib, a resident of Samanabad while talking with The Nation. He said that electricity of his area was suspended at around 1.30 am and was restored at 3 am. He said repeated calls were made to the concerned LESCO officials but none of the concerned senior officials were available to the consumers. Other localities witnessed shutdowns includes Chungi Amar Sidhu, Kahna, Fazal Town, Rana Town, Hadyara, Landa Bazar, Gawala Colony, Karim Park, Sherakot, Township, Misri Shah, Bagbanpura, Bagh Munshi Ladha, Moghalpura, Nonarian, Gulshan-i-Ravi, Mochi Gate, Shah Alam, Kashmiri Bazar, Dharampura, Bhatti Gate, Gawalmandi, Tajpura, Ghaziabad, Sadar Bazar, Gulfishan Colony, Model Town, Urdu Bazar, Bibi Pakdaman, Race Course, Lawrance Road, Allama Iqbal Town, Akbari Gate, Anarkali, Rehman Villas, Cantt View, Khana, Chungi, WAPDA Town, Johar Town, Green Town, Maryam Colony and Ravi Road.