In a recently published letter, Mr Rehan Zamin seems very perturbed about Shahbaz Sharif being called a son of the soil. After all what is so wrong with being called a son of the soil if you are born in that country. It is better than the identification of being a Muhajr. The status of a migrant or a Muhajr is only a transitory till he gets the nationality status. The nationality is an expression of intent that one has accepted that country as a permanent home. There are lots of Pakistanis who travel with pregnant wives against doctors advice to USA and Canada, so that their children automatically get that nationality on the basis of being the sons of that soil. Shahbaz Sharif whose father migrated from Indian Punjab must be proud of being a Pakistani and is as much a son of the soil as any other Pakistani. The Sharif brothers tried desperately to come back to this country even when Musharraf denied them that right which was theirs in accordance with the constitution. We only hope that every Pakistani feels this urge to be a son of the soil and loves this country as a son loves his mother. This country suffers because some of our elitist citizens make a lot of money from here but transfer all their assets to foreign bank accounts. -NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, via e-mail, June 18.