Guess who all are in London, brushing up their friendship and reliving past glory. Former PM Shaukat Aziz is there since he left for self-exile before the 2008 general elections. So is former President Musharraf who has found a permanent abode on Edgware Road, and to spice up everything, so too is a retired One Star who once held a very sensitive post and was responsible keeping the big boss well informed. We hear that the former president who has his low moments of introspection, is getting large doses of morale boosters. Apparently his friends would have him believe that the Pakistani awam would soon beg him to return home as their saviour. You wish * * * * * * * * * They say a true friend is one who remains a friend even after he rises in fame and fortune. Apparently the US secretary of state is one such person who has sustained her friendships, one of them with a former Pakistani college mate. This friendship lasted through the period that Hillary Clinton stint as First Lady of the most powerful country in the world. It remains intact even now that the former First Lady is the most powerful woman in the Obama administration. We hear that the Pakistani lady who belongs to a prominent business family of Karachi, does not publicise this relationship. However that does not prevent some people from keeping an eye on her activities and wondering whether she would be giving her input to the Holbrooke mission. * * * * * * * * * The PPP government's blood donation drive, to commemorate the late BB's 56th birthday, did not take off according to expectations in Punjab. And PPP MPA Uzma Bukhari is really riled up about it. She has let off a tirade against the Punjab Government for its non-cooperation in creating facilities for this drive. However, word has it that the lady, who protests too much, failed to donate blood herself. It seems Ms. Bukhari was actually cooperating with Punjab's non-cooperation after all. * * * * * * * * * A grade 20 DMG officer's nomination for Pakistan's ambassador to France has outraged the elite former and serving career Pakistani diplomats. Little do the shocked officers, who incidentally never lifted a finger when their domain was being consistently eroded by the khakis during successive military regimes, know that the said officer who served in Pakistan's Paris embassy for four years as a commercial attach has a friend linked by blood to the lyse Palace. He is none other but younger Sarkozy brother of the French President, a businessman with whom the officer struck a personal friendship while serving in Paris. At the end of the day he is the nominee of France serving as Pakistan's ambassador to France.