LALAMUSA - The elections of AJK legislative assembly, were not mere ordinary general elections in which defeat or victory of contesting candidates is considered. As far as Gujrat district was concerned, it was a matter of prestige, honour rather life and death for the political big guns of contesting political parties. The AJK-34 Jammu-5 constituency spread in Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin and Gujranwala districts. There were 5 contestants Ch Akbar Ibrahim (PPP + PML-Q), Haji Javid Akhtar (PML-N + Nawabzada family of PPP) and Raja Skinder, Shehzada Awan and Usman Ghani independent candidates. However, the main bout was fought between the PPP and PML-N candidates which was later won by Ch Akbar Ibrahim (PPP+PML-Q) by defeating his arch rival Haji Javid Akhtar (PML-N) with a lead of 707 votes. Ch Akbar Ibrahim secured 15705 votes while Haji Javid Akhtar obtained 14,998. Some interesting things were witnessed during the election campaign and on polling day. PPP former Federal Minister Qamer Kaira, former Punjab Finance Minister Tanveer Kaira, the PML-Q Federal Minister Ch Wajahat Hussain, Federal Minister Ch Ahmed Mukhtar, former Tehsil Nazim Nadeem Kaira, PPP district President Ch Tahir Zaman Kaira and many PPP stalwarts carried out election campaign of their candidate and succeeded in achieving their final goal, victory of their candidate. On the other side, the PML-N sponsored candidate Haji Javid Akhtar, besides PML-N, was fully supported by aggrieved PPP group (Nawabzada family). It is pertinent to mention here that no doubt, the efforts of PPP and PML-Q, have born positive result but at the same time it is quite interesting that PPPs all tall claims that Lalamusa was mini Larkana, ironically, former Federal Information Minister Qamer Kaira and present PPP Central Information Secretary Ch Tanveer Kaira former Tehsil Nazim Nadeem Kaira, PPP district President Ch Tahir Zaman Kaira all belong to Lalamusa city. There were three polling station in Lalamusa area i.e., Govt Islamia High School, Govt Ghusia High School, Kotla Elementary School. In all these three polling stations PML-N candidate Haji Javid Akhtar defeated his PPP candidate Ch Akbar Abrahim with an edge of 202. (Haji Javid Akhtar got 390 while Ch Akbar Abrahim 188). Similarly, in Gujrat city polling stations, the political performance of PML-N, local leader remained extraordinary with the result their candidate Haji Javid Akhtar secured 1100 votes. While PPP nominee Ch Akbar Ibrahim obtained 686 votes. Despite the full support of two federal ministers Ch Wajahat Hussain and Defence Minister Ch Ahmed Mukhtar and other local big guns of both political parties. However, if end is good, all is good. Therefore PPP + PML-Q candidate Ch Akbar Ibrahim has been declared successful by defeating his opponent candidate with an edge of 807 votes. Moreover, according to initial available results Ch Akbar Ibrahim got 9403 votes while opponent Haji Javid Akhtar secured 4080 votes from Tehsil Gujrat area. From Tehsil Wazirabad Ch Akbar Ibrahim obtained 2509 whereas Haji Javid Akhtar got 2097 votes. From Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin, Ch Akbar Ibrahim got 2040 votes whereas Haji Javid secured 3595 votes. From Tehsils Kharian and Sara-e-Alamgir Ch Akbar Ibrahim got 1367 whereas Haji Javid secured 4930. However, collectively the winner candidate Ch Akbar Ibrahim, emerged victorious from Tehsil Gujrat (rural) and tehsil Wazirabad whereas the defeated candidate Haji Javid Akhtar remained upper hand than his rival candidate from Kharian, Sara-e-Alamgir, Tehsils Gujrat city and Mandi Bahauddin Tehsil. It may be mentioned here that both candidates were ex-ministers of AJK.