The supply and demand gap was around 400 MW in 2006 which has swelled to 6000 MW in 2010-2011. People face loadshedding ranging up to 18 hours in different parts of country. Basic reason for this shortfall is decline in the generation capacity of the Independent Power Plants (IPPS) owing to shortage of fuel supplies which has aggravated the issue manifold. Loadshedding has affected the whole economy from top to bottom. Income slabs of all whose work depends of consuming electricity has drastically been dropped down. In short all spheres of life are suffering badly. As there seems no immediate solution to this monstrous problem, I have a suggestion that a charity fund may be constituted on same lines as government did when natural catastrophes like floods and earthquake hit the country. However, its fate should not be that of those funds. A WAPDA charity fund with its branches all over the country in all major banks should be established urging public to donate more and more to this fund whose money shall be paid to IPPS for generating electricity at their maximum level of output. Maybe, in this manner we can overpower the power problem. Last but not least, conserving energy in offices and home as well as showing utmost vigilance in cutting off extra usage of power by high-ups and common man alike will mitigate our sufferings. IFITKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, June 27.