Under this heading, Mr Roedad Khan has written a scathing and incisive article in The News on 23 June 2011. With all due respect to the great bureaucrat, he has only repeated what every Pakistani knows and keeps saying. In so doing he has fallen into the typical Pakistani malady: criticize whole heartedly and vehemently, and then sit back as if a great national responsibility has been fulfilled. No one has the vision or dare, to suggest a result oriented line of action. At the end of his tirade, Mr Khan makes a half-hearted appeal that to change anything, everything has to change. Then he goes on to add in a hurry but it should be bloodless. There I totally disagree with Mr Khan. With crises as deep and all-pervading as he rightly adduces, half measures are not only meaningless but counter-productive. LT GEN AYAZ AHMAD(RETD), Rawalpindi, June 23.