It is a matter of satisfaction that the government has asked Britain to recall its military trainers and covert operatives from Pakistan. A right message has been given to the Western world that had begun to take our sovereignty for granted. However, Britains Ministry of Defence stated that the trainers were being evicted on a temporary basis, which is a cause for concern. One would have thought that our government had given them marching orders on a permanent basis. The bad news, however, is that the US is trying to further expand its network of secret agents and BlackWater mercenaries on our soil, which we must really worry about. Reportedly, Islamabad has pledged to issue three dozen new visas to CIA operatives. There are no two opinions on the fact that these agents have no purpose whatsoever to operate inside Pakistan and as the episode of Raymond Davis show they constitute a threat to the security of the country. Indeed, apart from the Davis incident, newspapers are filled with incidents of the American sleuths breaking the law of the land and even carrying out activities detrimental to our national interests. For all one knows, they might be out to gather intelligence about our nuclear programme and even pressurise us to do its bidding. Although it is heartening that we have shown the door to Britains agents and sent back a batch of CIA operatives, our sovereignty will remain vulnerable to violations until one American spy continues to operate on our soil. We should boot them out as quickly as we can. The time has now come to tell the US to mind its own business and refrain from poking its nose into our internal affairs. Keeping in view its attempts at increasing the presence of its covert agents, our rulers must see the writing on the wall and take corrective action. But, while we ask the US to pack up its spy network, it is incumbent that we demand an immediate end to the drone attacks because that is the most brazen and overt attempt on our independence.