KUWAIT CITY- The grace period granted to expatriates staying illegally in the city state will end on June 30 and will not be extended even for a day, a senior official said. Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdullah Al-Rashed told a news conference the ministry has laid down a comprehensive plan to address issues concerning the expatriate workers, such as unlicensed labour and Residency Law violators. According to Al-Rashed, about 42,000 or 34 percent of the 112,000 Residency Law violators have either got their status corrected or left Kuwait. He disclosed a total of 28,662 violators have returned to their countries as of June 22 and 12,879 have corrected their status. Calling on the violators to take advantage of the remaining two days of the amnesty, Al-Rashed warned those who will not correct their status or leave the country within this period will be held accountable; they will be deported and will not be allowed to return to Kuwait. He said the Ministry of Interior is working closely with its Foreign, Social and Labour Affairs counterparts to quickly address any problem the violators might face in processing their papers. He confirmed three centers have been established to accommodate all the violators and the Kuwaiti government will provide tickets to those who have no sponsors. Al-Rashed clarified those who have no passports will be taken into consideration, stressing the ministrys doors are open to anyone who has a complaint.