RENALA KHUD - World Anti-Narcotics Day was observed with the renewal of the pledge to fight the menace of drugs here on Tuesday. An event was organised in connection with International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Anti-Narcotics Campaign Consultant Dr Azhar Mahmood Chaudhary addressed the function. He said that for the last few years drug addition had emerged as a serious threat to the world. The country is badly affected by the drug menace and it has become a stronghold of drug traffickers. Drug dependents include schoolgoing children, youths - both male and female, rickshaw pullers and hardworking labourers. The rapid increase in the number of drug addicts has given rise to the drugs business and provide the drugs traffickers an opportunity to cash in on. In fact, drug trafficking has its tentacles spread in financing terrorist organisations and a number of criminal activities. Despite the strict international drug laws, the number of drug dependents and drug traffickers are steadily increasing. Fact is that, by strong anti-narcotic law enforcement, reasonable success can be achieved in the reduction in both the demand for, and supply of narcotic drugs. Hence, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the education department should work together to chalk out special drug prevention programmes to prevent the younger generation from falling victims to drug traffickers, he concluded . Dr Azizul Hassan, Muhammad Ashraif Goga and Muhammad Nawaz Khichi also addressed the gathering and highlighted the bad effects of the drugs.