LAHORE The Punjab Assembly on Tuesday approved supplementary demands for grants worth Rs 87.436060 billion, and with this, virtually the fiscal exercise for the next fiscal year was passed as well. During the debate on the supplementary budget, the opposition members termed it a sign of bad governance and voted against it, while Treasury defended the expenditures in excess to the approved amounts of fiscal outlay of 2010-11, and said 'Ayes for the approval when Law Minister Rana Sanaullah went to the corridor to bring in the Treasury members for voting on demands. A total sum of Rs 25.613191billion were voted by the Assembly members, while a charged amount of Rs 61.822869bn was not discussed and put to voting since Article 121 of the Constitution does not allow this. However, three cut motions of the Opposition for Police grant worth Rs 2340807000, for flood relief activities worth Rs 7803856000 and Rs 429593000 for miscellaneous expenses, were rejected by the Treasury. The Opposition believed that only Re 1 should be given to all these three heads to the government since it has failed on all these fronts, and there were cases of stupendous spending and allocation sans any merit, except personal relations. Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari was of the considered opinion that rationalisation of the supplementary budget was a must, and a policy should be outlined for this. He suggested prior approval of the 'extra grants should be done by the respective House Committees, which would empower them. Make these sums part of the regular budget, especially which have been used for the Bagh-e-Shaheedan in Murree, he said, while asking the Speaker to take MPAs to the garden, and requested the Chair to get some money allocated for Fort Munro water scheme. Out of the total supplementary budget of Rs 87.436060 billion, a huge sum of Rs 61.822 billion have been paid back to the federal government, as Punjab government had received this much amount from the centre in previous years in the form of domestic as well as foreign loans. The government spent Rs 7.80 billion under the head of pensions during 2010-11, while Rs 7.22 billion was used for flood relief activities. Other departments which consumed major chuck of unapproved budget include: Irrigation and Reclamation (Rs 3.46 billion), Police (Rs 2.34 billion), Communications (Rs 1.87 billion), Civil Work (Rs 800 million), Agriculture (Rs 260.260 million), Industries (160 million) and Public Health (Rs 130 million). The government also spent Rs 610 million under the head of miscellaneous departments during the period. Besides, a total of token demands for 17 various heads Rs 1000 for each were also approved by the Assembly.