Iam of theopinionthatjust after the independence of Pakistan, if we had nipped in the bud the menaces of both feudalism and the usurpers of powers (martial law imposers), things would have been far different and better today. Even today everything is not lost. We can rectify and correct our past mistakes by being sincere and selfless to our nation. Civilian problems can be solved by the civilian leadership and withinthat civilian leadership it is the common man who can easily understand the pain and sufferings borne by theother commonpeople ofhis/her country. It is, therefore, very important that leadership of our country should emerge from the common population of the countryand reach to the decision-making houses ofthe same (National/Provincial Assemblies and Senate). Only then there is hope of anhonourable survival of our common man. Otherwise, martial law imposers and tyrant feudal lords will suck the blood of our common man. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, June28.Lahore, June 19.