I would like to request CM Shahbaz Shreef to take immediate step to save farmers from the exploitation of quacks. The menace of quackery is not restricted to treatment of humans but a number of semi-skilled veterinarians are casing in the opportunity of treating animals in the district. Statistics show around 700 veterinary quacks have put at stake lives of 2,800000 cattle heads whose market price stands at Rs 20 billion. These quacks have not just established their clinics but also use inferior medicines and tools which become the great cause of prevailing different diseases around. Even they treat animals without proper training and lack even the skill of diagnose the disease. Most of the public is unaware of the horrendous after-effects of their unprofessional treatment. Another reason of being able to fleece the public is that most people neither have the money to afford proper healthcare nor any qualified veterinarians within their accessible vicinity to provide them proper treatment. It is also the job of drug inspectors to stop such type of business and charged these vets because of using substandard treatment and fake medicines. Even there is a hard need for creating awareness among the masses regarding quacks and spurious medicines. ASMA DILSHAD, June28.