LAHORE Journalists have blasted the provincial government for indulging in arbitrary efforts aimed at rendering a senior journalist of his six-decade old residence sans providing either an alternate or compensating the family. As per details, senior journalist Mian Nadeem, who is member of all representative bodies of the mediamen, is facing serious problem since the Punjab government has started its dream project of widening the Multan Road. Under this pretext, his family house along with a few other residences near Kharrak, has been also targeted in the name of development. So far, different surveys, utterly contradictory in various simultaneous measurements, have been conducted, while the people are having sleepless nights. Mian Nadeem has knocked all doors for sensible treatment at the hands of the unscrupulous official elements, but the higher-authorities seemed to have turned blind eye to the genuine concern. And now, he is on the verge of losing his ancestral home to the recklessness and inhumane development, while the authorities concerned are least bothered about taking care of the people, who would be soon rendered homeless, though the Chief Minister and his political team are tirelessly promoting the idea of providing shelter to all. Seeing apathy of the government and its officials, journalists representative bodies have vowed to fight for their fellows genuine right, and will hold protest, and stage sit-in at the CMs House and the Punjab Assembly. Secondly, the office-bearers of the representative bodies have announced to use the option of hunger strike at the Lahore Press Club if the provincial government does not give due right to Mian Nadeem.