LAHORE City police have badly failed to arrest the desperate killers, who gunned five people in two different incidents in Nawan Kot and Shadbagh police areas respectively. The families of the deceased persons are protesting against the police failure and have demanded the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take action and order immediate arrest of the criminals involved in multiple killings. About four day ago, gunmen killed Malik Ashraf, his son and a passerby in Nawan Kot Police area and fled away from the crime scene without facing any resistance. The police registered the case against proclaimed offender Naveed and his accomplices but the killers are still at large. Naveed had old enmity with Ashraf, according to the police. Similarly, the youth who gunned down his brother-in-law and his father in Shadbagh police area a couple of days ago, is also still at large. Police sources said that Rashid gunned down his brother-in-law Imran and his father Arshad outside their residence on Monday and fled away. According to the police, the killer had grudge against the deceased over the death of his sister.