LAHORE - Leaders of PPP and PML-N, while hailing their parties for participating in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir election, said here on Tuesday the process (of polls) would help resolve the Kashmir issue. However the All Jammu & Kashmir Muslim Conferences leaders observed that non-Kashmiri parties participation in the general election would damage the 'Kashmir Cause. Naseebullah Gardezi, Coordinator of the PML-N for Azad Kashmir polls, Farooq Azad, president of PPP (Azad Kashmirs Lahore wing), Maulana Muhammad Shafi Josh, senior leader Muslim Conference and Mirza Muhammad Sadiq, Coordinator of Sardar Attique Khan expressed their views while taking part in a debate titled Azad Kashmir polls and its impacts on the Kashmir freedom movement. The debate was held under the auspices of TheNation, Nawai Waqt and Waqt News at Aiwan-e-Waqt. Gardezi claimed that election commission Azad Kashmir, federal government caretaker government of Azad Kashmir tried stealing the polls. He maintained that federal government and PPP had used the troika of Manzoor Watto, Muslim Conference and MQM to steal the Azad Kashmir polls, which would leave negative impacts on Kashmir freedom struggle. Giving alleged details of pre-poll rigging in Azad Kashmir polls, he claimed that chief election commissioner Azad Kashmir had promised to rectify the voters lists till May 30, however he didnt accomplish the task till June 10. He added that voters were being registered two days the conduct of the elections, however the PML-N took part in the polls despite the pre-poll rigging. Farooq Azad said that PML-Ns use of power in Azad Kashmir polls on Valleys seat in Lahore had left negative impact on freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir. He said that it was decided that Azad Kashmir polls would be held under the watch of Rangers but it hasnt happened. He claimed that despite all the hindrances PPP emerged victorious in Azad Kashmir polls and his party would resolve the Kashmir issue definitely.