LAHORE - The row over appointment of Vice-Chancellor of Sargodha University between Governor Sardar Latif Khosa and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif may lead to serious constitutional crisis if the two stick to their guns on the issue. The governor on Monday rejected chief ministers summary regarding appointment of Dr. Muhammad Akram as Vice-Chancellor of Sargodha University for the second time on the basis of documentary evidence provided by Punjab governments own institutions, and which speak of serious allegations of moral as well as financial corruption against the professor. The governor has sent back the summary with a note that services of Dr. Akram Ch were thrice terminated previously amid allegations touching upon his character to the extent of criminal / sexual association with girl students. To prove his point, the governor has, as evidence, sent to the chief minister the report of Deputy Registrar of Islamia University, Bahawalpur and the letter of Additional Inspector General of Police, Special Branch. He is very much notorious for having illicit relations with girl students, thus seriously impacting his neutrality and political wrangling, says the special branch report about Dr. Akram, copies of which are available with TheNation. However, sources told TheNation, the babus in Chief Minister Secretariat are determined to appoint the professor as Vice-Chancellor even without governors approval. Legal experts believe that a serious constitutional crisis may emerge in Punjab if Prof Akram is appointed Vice-Chancellor of Sargodha University without approval of the governor, who is also chancellor of the universities. Though Sardar Latif Khosa has invited the chief minister to resolve all contentious legal issues, preferably in the presence of legal experts, there is little chance that the two will sit together to find the solution. The Governors House is equating Dr. Akram with Iftikhar Baloch of Punjab University whose services were terminated under similar charges as faced by the former. As evident from the stricture passed by the Lahore High Court in Writ Petition No. 6324/2009 titled Mst Fauzia Nasim Versus University of Sargodha and five others and evidenced in the comments received from the University, grave charges of financial extravaganza causing huge losses to the University funds and autocratic appointments in various Departments without resort to the due process of law have also been leveled against him (Dr. Akram). The Chancellor obviously is not to act as a rubber stamp and shut his eyes to the extremely negative credentials and pave the way for destruction of the institution which rears and is responsible for educating the next generation, the future of this country, the governor noted in reply to chief ministers summary on the subject.