ABBOTTABAD - Almost two months after the Abbottabad operation, the life for Osama bin Ladens 'neighbours remains far from normalcy as the security forces siege continues to cripple the business activities at the citys relatively isolated area. Round the clock and 24/7, armed contingents of Pakistan Army and local police stand guard at all the routes to and from the OBL compound in Thanda Choha where the worlds major terrorist was taken out by the US Navy seals on May 2. This exercise, monitored by the 'watchful vigil of the intelligence agencies, has brought the lives of the hundreds of locals to a standstill who believe the 'honour of sharing same vicinity with a high profile terrorist comes with too heavy a price. Life until a couple of months ago was so smooth and easy and then this OBL thing happened. It has made us pay through the nose, regretted Muhammad Rasheed, a proprietor at 'Hussain Karyana and Sabzi Store. The OBLs two servants and children would shop from Rasheeds small outlet located a few yards away from the sealed hideout. Two or three children, always accompanied by two men would visit me twice or thrice a month. The men would purchase household items in bulk while the kids were happy to fetch some sweets or toffees during their hasty visits. They would greet me with smiling faces. I never knew then that the worse was awaiting me, Rasheed recalls. The honour of being Osamas neighbour has very price to pay. The OBL hideouts surroundings were cordoned off hours after Abbottabad operation. The 'curfew was relaxed in the next couple of days followed by the frequent visits of journalists and general public at the operation site. In the backdrop of Rawalpindis Corp Commanders Conference, the security forces besieged the immediate premises of the terrorists hideaway on May 6, a move the locals term bizarre. This is a bizarre exercise, Rasheed says whose business has declined by fifty to sixty per cent as result of the siege. People living at the other side of the hideout cannot visit me due to the 'curfew. I have lost a considerable part of my clientele. Lets say, if I was earning 1000 rupees a day in the past, its been reduced to Rs 400 to Rs 500 now, he said pointing his finger at some rotten vegetables. Have a look, I bought these vegetables three days ago and watched them getting rotten due to the absence of customers. Eatables expire in this hot weather if not sold in time, the vendor said. In the small market of Thanda Choha, located just next to Rasheeds grocery store are the Riaz Hairdresser and Sardar General Store. The plight of the owners of these outlets is no different than Rasheeds. Unlike the past, the dwellers of over hundred houses directly affected with the siege have to cover a long distance to get even the small items of daily life usage. Majority either goes to Bilal Town or Abbottabads Main Bazaar to shop despite that everything is available at stones throw in the area it lives in. The worst part is that nobody knows when this siege would come to an end, not even the Abbottabad police. A senior cop advised this scribe to contact militarys Garrison Commander, who is inaccessible to media, in order to get details about this issue. A catchy 'hideout for tourists, Abbottabad, commonly known as summer capital of Hazara region, caters for the influx of thousands of visitors from across Pakistan who take this city as an ideal place to step into to get a break from scorching summer. This year, a considerable of tourists have showed up though, it is different from the past.