ISLAMABAD Pakistan is facing international sporting isolation as none of the international teams want to travel to Pakistan sighting so-called security concerns. During this bleak period some relief was provided to already frustrated fans by holding first South Asian Judo competition involving India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, then Afghanistan cricket team visited Pakistan to play three one-dayers against Pakistan A team. The last international event which was held in Capital was the International Beach Kabbadi tournament involving teams from Iran and Afghanistan and also different departmental and provincial team. Pakistan Army come of ages and not only become the national champions but were also crowned international champions by beating strong Iran side 41-38. This was truly a remarkable performance from the Army boys as they outclass their much superior opponents. There is urgent need of reviving international events in country and this can easily be done through holding a Pakistan Premier League either in hockey or cricket and offer handsome prizes to attract foreign players as much as possible. The Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Hockey Federation bosses have to sit together and devise a strategy to attract international players and these bodies can seek help from government and other national and multinational organisations in this regard. Mobile companies, banks, Wapda, PIA and many more will defiantly come forward and offer their all-out support in this regard. Government and Foreign Ministry have to play active role and use their good offices at all forms to actively plead Pakistan case and realise the world that Pakistan is fighting their wars as front line state against war on terrorism. Pakistan has always replied to world call positively, now its worlds turn to make their long awaited contribution. And Pakistan can also take help from countries like Iran, China and Afghanistan in arranging different fixtures. Pakistan has already shown the world by holding different international events recently that there is no fear factor at all for any international team or player. The recent visit of Indian tennis coach Birbal Wadhera who was hired by the Pakistan Tennis Federation to train the youngsters and top Pakistan players will further enhance these facts as despite an Indian and a frequent visitor to different places regularly he was more than satisfied and always appreciated the security and other things which were provided to him. And even after his return to his native India he still gave encouraging statements and urged the world to visit Pakistan and see for themselves the country is perfect for all kinds of sporting activities. And the recent visit of Johhan the four time Olympic gold medallist who give clear message to the world community to help Pakistan sports and condemn all kinds of terrorist activities and he, during his stay, has travelled to different parts of KP, the most dangerous part without any fear and acknowledges the hospitality of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan has played its part more than others now its worlds turn to help Pakistan in every possible way by sending their teams and players to this country and shun their double standards.