Madonna has reportedly rekindled her romance with Brahim Zaibat. The 'Celebration singer was spotted with the hunky French dancer in Paris this weekend, enjoying a meal at The Ritz hotels Espadon restaurant. Madonna was then spotted visiting a flea market on her own the following day, before meeting back up with Brahim for a private dinner and heading to trendy nightspot the VIP Room. The next day they left the Ritz to catch the Eurostar train to London. The couple got together last September after Madonna had split from Brazilian model Jesus Luz, introduced by a mutual friend who had asked Brahim to dance at one of the singers events. Brahim insists he was never nervous about meeting the worldwide star, saying: She was a woman almost like any other woman. I was really happy to meet her but I did not stress about it. Although Bahrim, 24, is a lot younger than the 52-year-old 'Material Girl singer he also maintains he has a say in what happens in their relationship, adding: I am not the jealous kind. As long as I feel I am in control, everything goes smoothly. I cannot deal with external authority. Madonna and I are very alike when it comes to that. Madonna and Bahrim were initially thought to have split in May after his family said they didnt want him attending meetings held by religious group Kabbalah - of which Madonna is a devotee instead urging him to stick to his Muslim roots. Agencies