A cartoon in the Nation has inspired me to write the following. It shows Zaradri standing and orating on top a dunghill labeled 'Naudero, with the caption: 'Every cock crows at his own dunghill. The tragedy ofPakistanis that this person who is so much at home on top of a dunghill is housed in the prestigious presidency of the country. His utterances were of the type of cheap jargon and run of the mill parlance that the street urchins exchange while playing marbles, to quote a columnist. Aneela Chandio says in her letter, A man is known by the choice of his words and a leader by selection of his advisors. His rebuking and ridiculing represents the sick feudal mind. Zardari sahib has done no justice to Sindh, alandofSufisand Saints. The TV pundits are of course having hay-day pouring out advice that this is not the time for the elephants to do battle as the ants are already crushed under many problems. The same pundits however hounded Nawaz Sharif for being a friendly opposition when he was abiding by the Charter of Democracy in not rocking the boat and restricting himself to offering friendly advice from time to time. Now that the worm has turned on its tormentor, my advice to them is to make up their minds one way or the other. They cant have the cake and eat it too. They cant be right both times. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, June 25.