LAHORE - As rumpuses in the Punjab Assembly have become a routine matter, the PPP and the PML-N did not let even last day of the session on Tuesday to go without hullabaloo. They used the opportunity to trade allegations on the AJK polls, accusing each other of rigging. Opposition Leader Raja Riaz stood on a Point of Order and said: The people of Kashmir have rejected the politics of the PML-N, and now it (N) is worried about its political future. He alleged the Punjab government had tried to rig Kashmiris seats in Lahore. How would they control the province if they could not control a few polling stations in the City? he questioned. Raja said the so-called popularity of the PML-N had been exposed in the elections. He also used some harsh words against the PML-N which the speaker got expunged from assembly proceedings. While Raja was continuing with his speech, several PML-N legislators stood up and started chanting slogans against the PPP, accusing it of rigging. Members from the Opposition benches also replied in a similar fashion, thereby turning the House into a fish market. Raja was still having the floor, but lawmakers created so much noise that Speaker had to use head phone to listen to what the opposition leader was saying. The PML-N had the expectation to sweep the polls to strengthen the position of Mian Nawaz Sharif as countrys future prime minister, Raja continued amid sloganeering by the Treasury members. The Speaker then gave the floor to Minister for Food Ch Abdul Ghafoor, who alleged that one PPP minister has managed to cast around 7,000 bogus votes in one constituency in the AJK. While Ch Ghafoor was still continuing with his diatribe against the PPP, the opposition members created ruckus and nothing was audible in the House. Rana Arshad, of the PML-N, also wanted to contribute his share of allegations into the assembly proceedings and the Chair allowed him to speak his mind. He said that it was due to unprecedented rigging by the PPP that one of its allied parties had parted ways with it along with its governor who resigned on Monday. Some members from PML-Qs Forward Bloc also tried to speak, but they were greeted with lota, lota slogan by the Opposition members. In the meanwhile, the Chair asked opposition members not to use the word lota for any honourable member, but the advice fell on deaf ears. Raja Riaz told the Speaker that whosoever changes his loyalties is called lota. He reminded the Chair that in the past, both the PPP and PML-N had been calling such people lota and we will continue to use this word in future as well. It was with great difficulty that Speaker managed to control the situation and started taking up the actual assembly business set for the day. Meanwhile, the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday was prorogued after it remained in session for 19 days. This was the budget session, which approved the provincial fiscal outlay 2011-12. After completion of the exercise, Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal prorogued for an indefinite period.