NOORPUR THAL - The PPP local leader Malik Ejaz Hussain Chandram said that the PPP-led government was taking several steps to overcome power and gas crises. He was talking to newsmen here on Monday. He criticized the PML-N leadership and alleged the PML-N government was responsible for the crises. He said that the PPP took a principled stance in accordance with the aspirations of people and it can never compromise on solidarity and independence of the country. He said the PPP wants that all patriotic political parties get united to resolve problems being faced by the country. He further said that the President Asif Zardari believes in politics of reconciliation while PML-N was sabotaging the reconciliation process. He said that the PPP as a party always tries to avoid regional and confrontational politics and instead work on a national agenda for the progress of the country. He said that some elements want to disturb the law and order in the country to achieve their personal interests. He said that people of the country were facing a number of problems. He said that the PPP leadership would play a full role to establish peace in the country. He also urged all the political parties to show unity over the issues. PPP City General Secretary Fayyaz Hussain and other local leaders were also present on the occasion. PPP for solution to Kashmir: PPP local leader Syed Zulqarnaina Shah has said that the PPP gave 1973 Constitution to the country and has a long and glowing a history of confronting with dictators to uphold the rule of law and Constitution. The party has always respected the national institutions and will continue to follow this path. He was addressing a public gathering here the other day. He said that the PPP contrary to its political opponents, who were promoting their personal agendas, was promoting and working for the national interests. He added that the entire nation was united for the cause of Kashmir. He further said that the PPP would continue to strive for a peaceful solution of the Kashmir issue through dialogue and peaceful means.