MIRPUR (AJK) - The post June 26 AJK elections scenario emerged with mixed reaction comprising celebration of the victory by the winners and the charges, levelled by certain candidates facing defeat, of the alleged use of unfair means for rigging, mismanagement during the polling. According to reports collected by this Correspondent from various parts of AJK on Tuesday, the winner candidates of PPP, PML-N and the Muslim Conference as well as their supports in various constituencies celebrated their victory by holding rallies and processions. They visited the nearing mausoleums of their respective spiritual saints to bow before Allah Almighty to express thank for blessing them victory in the elections. A similar rally was taken out by the PPP workers and supporters on Monday under the leadership of PPP AJK President and triumphant candidate of the party Ch Abdul Majeed who won the election from constituency LA-II (Chakswari Mirpur). The participants of the rally marched through his native Chakswari town raising Zindabad slogans for Pakistan, shaheed PPP founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and shaheed Bennazir Bhutto. Led by Majeed, the rally passed through various localities of Chakswari town. They expressed gratitude of the electorates for blessing Majeed with the land slide victory in the polls with a heavy margin of over nine thousand votes. Similar rallies and processions were also taken out at various other constituencies of AJK by other candidates of various parties including PPP, PML (N) and Muslim Conference to celebrate victory in the elections. Meanwhile, since PPP AJK emerged as the top victorious in the elections so far clinching victory on 20 seats out of 37 seats in the elections, hectic drive on the part of the winning political parties have started to reach in to the alliance to form the next coalition government in AJK. Although the PPP leader, newly elected member of AJK Assembly from Mirpur and former Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has categorically denied the idea of formation of any coalition government, yet a move has been launched to bring the PPP and the incumbent ruling Muslim Conference, besides a couple of winning independent candidates to reach into the ruling alliance to form the next coalition government for next five-year constitutional term. Details about formation of any alliance among the like-minded political groups led the top victorious PPP AJK to form the next government in AJK are yet pouring in. Elections to 37 out of 41 seats was held on Sunday. The electoral college of 41 members of the newly-elected 9th AJK Legislative Assembly will elect the law makers against eight reserved seats including five meant for women and one each reserved for technocrats, religious scholars and the overseas Jammu & Kashmir people, within the stipulated time frame according to the interim act - 1974 (constitution of AJK).