I have been suffering from grave injustice for over the last 10 years. Having been appointed as a primary school teacher in 2002 through proper procedure of recruitment by the Government of Sindh, I was dismissed without being given any reason by the local education officials. Since then, I filed numerous applications, made personal requests to the officials concerned as well as had tedious paperwork for my reinstatement but to no avail. In a 2007 appeal to the secretary education, Sindh, I requested for the same. The secretary education took interest and ordered an enquiry and instructed me to obtain reports from the district offices concerned regarding my reinstatement. Going through the hectic procedure of acquiring those reports from the local officials, I finally managed to get hold of them. The then district officer education (elementary), Shan M. Brohi, after receiving positive reports from his subordinates maintained that I should be reinstated without further delay.

However, the reinstatement order is yet to be issued despite a lapse of five years. Recently, I turned to the Supreme Court against the local bureaucracy. Following the orders of the apex court, the Sindh Education Department asked for the opinion of the office of DO education (schools). To my utter disappointment and surprise, he ruled against me. I do possess the documentary proof of my posting orders as well as the documents pertaining to the history of the case.

I request the secretary education, Sindh, to look into the matter and take notice of this discrimination I have been a victim of. My colleagues, who were appointed the same year, continue to serve in their respective capacities.


Jacobabad, June 27.