Leadership on both sides of the Indo-Pak borders should stop the blame game if they are serious about normalizing their relations which have been strained for several decades. The latest spate of accusations by the Indian External Affairs Minister SM. Krishna and Home Minister P. Chidambaram could only be termed a campaign to malign Pakistan for acts of terrorism taking place in India. Chidambaram has alleged that terrorists who were responsible for the Mumbai attacks in November 2008 had official Pakistani sponsors. He has referred to a statement of an accused Syed Zabihuddin Abu Jindal alias Abu Hamza arrested recently from Saudi Arabia.

External Affairs Minister Krishna, addressing a press conference, alleged that some elements in Pakistan were using terrorists for their own ends. However, he called upon Pakistani authorities to join hands with India to fight terrorism. As a matter of fact, Islamabad has always been more than willing to cooperate and has already taken several confidence-building measures. But, unfortunately, New Delhi has not been forthcoming, as several rounds of talks have not helped. India’s consistent denial to talk about Kashmir and blocking Pakistani waters have been major factors responsible for this failure. It is about time better sense prevailed to let people in both the countries live in peace.