KARACHI - Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) here the other day curtailed gas supply to Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), causing major power plants to trip KESC claims.KESC said they had been receiving approximately 225mmcfd from SSGC, against its required 400mmcfd. According to KESC statement, after the sudden and unannounced drastic reduction in the gas supply, the current gas supply level stands at 160mmcfd, which is highly insufficient to cater to the summer high demand, which is around the 2600MW.The drastic reduction in gas supply, early Wednesday evening led to a chain reaction of tripping the power generation turbines. One unit of Bin Qasim power plant, two units of the Korangi power plant and the entire SITE power station tripped, creating an emergency.With this massive reduction in gas supply to KESC it is feared that it will have negative fallout on the power generation, in turn affecting the unchanged load shed regime that is continuing for the past six months.