Traffic congestion in Karachi on virtually most of the main roads is a major source of pain and torture faced by commuters every day. The escalating rush of commercial traffic on the roads is causing major traffic jams more frequently now. This results in many dangers for the daily commuters some of them being air and noise pollution. The main cause behind the continuous traffic jams on the city roads include lawlessness, parking problems, protests, political rallies and mismanagement on part of the traffic police. Another reason adding to the traffic jam blues and the commuters’ suffering is the VIP movement when even the ambulances cannot find their way to the hospitals. Ramshackle roads, decrepit signals and illegally parked tankers at turns and intersections simply worsen the congestion. People stuck in the jams are mugged while the authorities turn a blind eye. The Port in Karachi is so positioned that all the country’s imports and exports pass through this route. Hence a massive traffic jam is common everyday. The pity is that the government is not doing anything to construct new roads and flyovers etc. It is high time that the local authorities took action and started with the construction work.

Syed Ovais Akhtar,

Karachi, June 27.