ISLAMABAD - Islamabad police claimed to have arrested a gang of extortionists who impersonate as Taliban.

The police on Friday arrested a gang of extortionists who used to threaten the well-off families and businessmen of Islamabad in the name of Taliban.

"We have arrested a gang of extortionists that was operating in the area since long. They used to impersonate as front men of Taliban and demand huge sums from the businessmen," city circle SP revealed during a press conference held in premises of Rescue 15 Islamabad on Friday. 

The police officer told journalists that it was the same group that threatened provincial minister Rehmanullah by dropping a letter ( using fake letter pad of Taliban) asking him to arrange Rs5.6 million. The gang threatened to slaughter the minister along with his family otherwise.

Jamil Hashmi, the SP city circle, said Islamabad Crime Investigation received information about a group of extortionists claiming to be affiliated with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan was targeting businessmen of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and KPK in order to arrange finances.

He said the gang used to send letters on TTP letterhead to their target asking for arranging huge sums. On this information, Islamabad police launched a special operation to trace and arrest these outlaws, Hashmi said.

"The Islamabad police used latest techniques of Geo fencing and digital data analysis to trace the extortionists and after hectic efforts, backed by meticulous technical backup, Islamabad police arrested Malik Aalam Khan Wazir, resident of Razmak, North Waziristan. He is said to be the leader and mastermind of group," Hashmi said, adding that the police teams also arrested his associates including Tahir and Mukammal Shah.

According to SP Jamil Hashmi, the group had threatened various businessmen including factory owners in KPK, hotel owners in Murree and had chalked out plans to extort money from business community of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.